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"If you can't eat it, you shouldn't put it on your skin" Anonymous

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Simplicity Pas D'odeur Corporelle Deodorant

Simplicity Pas D'odeur Corporelle Deodorant

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Sweat is and important function of our body's temperature regulation system.  Without sweat we would overheat.  Sweat itself is virtually odorless to humans. However, it is the rapid multiplication of bacteria in the presence of sweat and their breaking down of sweat into acids that eventually causes smelly odor. This is where Simplicity comes in,

.Simplicity is a deodorizer that helps eliminate the bacteria naturally. 

  • Application

    Can be applied liberally as needed to under arms, safe to use on all parts of the body.

  • ***DISCLAIMER***


    Most commercially made deodorants you’ll find at the store contain a variety of chemical ingredients that artificially keep your underarms odor free as you sweat. Your armpits may experience irritation when you switch to using a natural deodorant as they’re no longer subjected to chemicals like triclosan, silica, propylene glycol, and artificial fragrances and are finally able to breathe again.    

    Antiperspirants, on the other hand, contain aluminum salts that are intended to clog your pores and sweat glands as a way to reduce or prevent you from sweating. When you stop using antiperspirant and switch to natural deodorant, your underarms are able to sweat again.

    When you stop using chemical deodorants and antiperspirants, the toxins and bacteria that have been building up under your skin for years are finally able to be released as you sweat. This detox process can sometimes result in a temporary armpit rash.

    If you experience this detox rash, please discontinue use of product for a week.  Daily apply hair and body butter to the armpit region as it soothes instantly. 

    If rash or discomfort persist, please discontinue use of product permenantly.

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