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"If you can't eat it you shouldn't put it on your skin"  Anonymous

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Don't Smell Me Deodorizer Body Paste 2.5oz

Don't Smell Me Deodorizer Body Paste 2.5oz

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Mothers of 3, Don't Smell Me Deodorizer,  is a natural blend of butters, oils, and powders for the elimination of body odor in places that deodorant bars can't manage.  


It is a creamy paste that can be applied under the breast, around the groin, behind the knees, on the feet.  Where ever there is odor you want to control.  It comes in a light refreshing scent and absorbs well.  

  • Application

    Can be applied anywhere.  Test the skin with a small amount before applying full coverage to check for sensitivity to the skin.

  • ***DISCLAIMER***

    Due to the nature of our products, being from nature, and having no additives or preservatives, it will melt in warm conditions. If you experience this please place items in the refrigerator for 30minutes to allow for your item to solidify an then stir.