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" I tried the scrub for  2 days. I really liked it!  One of the things I  like is the gritty feeling, like it's removing old skin, but then when I rinsed my face it felt light and rejuvenated."

Donna S.

My 9-year-old son, who is on he autism spectrum loves the body butter.  He is very  sensitive to how lotions an cream feel on his  and he has very dry skin. With Mothers of 3 body butter, he loved the cherry scent and how it felt on his skin. "I love it a lot"

Ethan B.,  9 yrs. old

Your product is doin wonders on my hair. My scalp has not been itching since using the lock and twist cream. Love the smell, for men the peppermint is a win

Derrio G.

My hair is natural but not in a lock style, the Smell My Hair Butter, really help smooth down my edges and I love the  scent.

Chandra D.

Family  and  I went on a nature trail hike.  I applied the almond strudel body that morning. While out on the hike the mosquitoes were biting everyone except me.

C. B


Top Seller-Almond Strudel Body Butter

Smell My Hair Butter

Berry Colada Body Scrub, Refreshing Fabric Freshener

Top Seller

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African American Kids Dancing